Để trở thành diễn giả danh dự tại sự kiện, cùng nhiều cơ hội hấp dẫn để branding thương hiệu cá nhân và thương hiệu công ty, vui lòng truy cập tại đây.

Các bước để ICO một startup và chiến lược đầu tư cho các ICO
Developing a Decentralised Global Ecosystem
Transforming the Insurance Industry with Blockchain
How AI and Blockchain Are Disrupting E-Commerce
How Companies are Industrializing the Blockchain and Where They Need to Go Next
How Can Blockchain Revolutionise Procurement?
Leveraging Blockchain for Financial Inclusion
Creating a New Standard of Trust in Transactions
Blockchain the Game Changer – Where Will the Biggest Impacts Be Seen?
Tokenisation of Everything
Performance Engineering on Enterprise Blockchain Applications
Scaling a Cryptocurrency Exchange Using Data Science and Machine Learning
Developing Blockchain Applications with Hyperledger Fabric and Composer
Disruptive Technologies and the Evolvement of the Banking Industry
How To Create An AI System That Will Browse The Web Like A Human User
Managing Blockchain Networks with Microservices and Microgateways
Build a Lighting-Mirco Blockchain
Beyond the ICO: How to create Total Value with Blockchain
Analyzing Blockchain and Bitcoin Transaction Data as Graphs
Bank Instruments on the Blockchain
AlphaGo Vs TensorFlow – Trí thông minh nhân tạo trong tay bạn
Thuật toán Minimax (AI trong Game)
Chatbot with AI Microservices with chatbot automation
STARTUP, SCALEUPS AND UNICORNS – Hear from the AI startups, scaleups and unicorns making waves in 2018
Foundations for Scalable Digital Transformation
Digital Operations Through AI-Driven Automation
Creating Your AI Roadmap – Where to Start and Where to Go Next?
From Mobile-First to AI-First
Creating an Integrated IoT Ecosystem with Device and Data Management
How AI Can Enable Mastery of Marketing’s 4 Ps: Product, Promotion, Place & Price
ROI Strategies
DevOps for AI & Machine Learning Applications: Builds and Testing
eHealth Meets Data to Drive Personalized Care (IoT)
Building a Real-time Natural Language Prediction Engine in your Browser
Man & Machine: The Intersection Between Data & Business
Machine Learning & Deep Learning Methods for Geo-Spatial Analytics
Managing risk in Machine Learning
Building Deep Learning Applications with Amazon SageMaker
Image Classification Models in TensorFlow
Natural language processing with deep learning
Ready, Set, Go: Using TensorFlow to prototype, train, and productionalize your models
The OS for AI: How Microservices & Serverless Enable the Next Gen of Machine Intelligence
AI and Financial Crime
Scaling Deep Learning on AWS using C5 instances Using MxNet, TensorFlow and BigDL – From Edge to Cloud
Designing UI for AI for Unbiased Decision Making
What is ML Ops: solutions and best practices for DevOps of production ML services
Growth and User Engagement Empowered by Machine Learning
Offline A/B testing for recommender systems
Democratizing Data Science & Machine Learning to the End-User
Designing Ethical AI Solutions
Your car is an IoT device – use it like one
Big Data Exploration with Spark SQL and Java
Build Serverless Big Data and Graph Viz Web Apps with Spring Data and Core Java
Database-Driven Machine Learning
Introduction to Building a Distributed Machine Learning Pipeline for Real Time Analysis of Data using Apache APIs: Kafka, Spark, and HBase
Type-safe Invocations of a JAX-RS API with TypeScript: Application to Data Visualization
Reactive Microservices With Vert.x & Kubernetes
Event-driven Microservices with Axon Framework
Top Ways to Deliver Java to the Cloud
Machine Learning without the Hype
Java Containers on Kubernetes
Deep Learning in Java
Reactive Web Services
KSQL – An Open Source SQL Streaming Engine for Apache Kafka
GraphQL vs Traditional Rest API
Java on the GPU. Where Are We Now?
Cloud Patterns and Practices for Cloud Foundry using Java on Azure
Patterns for Cloud Deployments of Java Apps with Spring Boot, Docker, Kubernetes
Easy, Scalable, Fault-Tolerant Stream Processing with Structured Streaming in Apache Spark
Full Stack JavaScript Development With The GRAND Stack (GraphQL, React, Apollo, Neo4j Database)
Zero Downtime Database Migrations and Deployments (PHP)
Symfony Messenger: Messages, Queues, Workers and more
Speed up web APIs with Expressive and Swoole
The Sodium crypto library of PHP 7.2
Websockets and Torrents – A match made in PHP
PHPStan: Static Analyzer in PHP
Headless Architecture – A New Era for Drupal
From Docker to Kubernetes with PHP
Classification of images in PHP using neural networks
GraphQL hot or not? How to use the simplified communication of API based services
Evolution of PHP security
Transparent Docker
Domain-driven design in PHP
Accelerating Deep Learning on Spark with Azure Databricks ML Runtime and GPU based clusters
Advanced Graph Processing with SQL Graph
Applying Clean Architecture to ASP.NET Core Apps
ASP.NET Core Web API Best Practices
Bringing C# in the Browser with Blazor
Building and Deploying AI Solutions using a Devops mindset
Building Versatile Real-Time and Batch Data Pipelines for AI
Custom AI in Azure
Dating Responsibly in SQL Server
Deploying Node.js Apps to Azure with VS Code
Docker for Web Developers
Hadoop and Big Data Essentials
Modernizing Your Data Warehouse
Kubernetes 101 (for Devs)
Puppet Pipelines: A True CI / CD Solution for Modern Development
Dev + Ops = Go
What’s new for Java in the Cloud?
From 0 to 100 – OpenShift, Kubernetes and Docker for budding DevOps specialists
Continuous Delivery Patterns for Modern Java Architectures
3D: Docker for Database Developers
A Modern Fairy Tale: Java Serialization
Are You Ready for Cloud-Native Java
Automating Your CI/CD Stack with Java and Groovy
Building Real-Time Data in Web Applications with Node.js
CI + Containers + Testing + Schema Migration = OMG
Client-Driven APIs
Mobile Web to Native Development: Javascript, React, Swift, and React Native
New Data Storage Technologies: From Hadoop to Graph Databases, and from NoSQL to NewSQL
Data Sketches: A year of Exotic Data Visualizations
Data Science For Business With Applications In R & H2O
Data Science For All: Master the Fundamentals
The Logical Data Warehouse as Agile Data Foundation for Analytics, Data Science, and Data Lakes
Designing a Self-Service BI Environment That Avoids Data Anarchy & Enables Analytics
Modernizing Your Data Warehouse and Analytics Ecosystem
Architecting Data Self-Service
Architecting a Data Platform for Enterprise Use
Integrating Algorithmic Layers: Core Concepts and Case-Studies in Moving from Data Visualization to Actionable Information
Data Modeling in the Age of Big Data
Data Storytelling: Bringing Data to Life
The Rise Of DataOps
Data driven approaches in on-demand logistics
What is DevSecOps?
Lean Cybersecurity for Busy People
50 Shades of Data: How, When, Why—Big, Relational, NoSQL, Elastic, Graph, Event
Appdev: Building Secure Database Applications Quickly in the Cloud Era
Build a 12-Factor Microservice with MicroProfile
Developing Asynchronous, Message-Driven Microservices
Graph Algorithms: Predict Real-World Behavior
React – Redux
VueJS – ReactJS- AngularJS
Improving code quality and reliability through automated checks
React: Các vấn đề SEO, shared module, và optimize code
Progressive Web Apps: Lắp đầy khoảng cách giữa Web và Mobile
Giải pháp cuối cùng cho Web Layout
Product Management for AI Startups
Using Data-Driven Insights to Deliver Personalized Experiences and Earn Customer Loyalty
Funny to Money: The Science of Selling with Humor
Personalization Will Become Smarter
Visual Design: tương lai của UX
UX Design: User Centered Design
Cách tạo testcase ít nhất mà tìm được nhiều bug nhất cho tester & developer
Microcopy: your users will fall in love
UX sound design
Animations beyond CSS
WebGL in easy mode
React.js portals and modern JS apps for CMS
Enterprise UX: Harder, Better
Config-less. Server-less. Effort-less
People & Algorithms: Building AI-driven features that don’t cause harm
Emotionally intelligent design
The cost of (NOT) testing
Check tiêu chuẩn code CSS với Stylelint
Designing conversational UIs
How to structure high-performing engineering teams
Variable Fonts – Tips and techniques for better and faster web
Building an Accurate Performance Testing Harness
CI/CD for Humans
Angular for Java Developers
Gamification trong Marketing
Landing Page – Cuộc chiến doanh số bán hàng
Influencer & Micro-influencer Marketing
Tối ưu hoá tỉ lệ chuyển đổi
Unifying Mobile With Your Omnichannel Experience
Get Tangible Results From A/B Testing
The Shift to Performance Marketing
Ứng dụng Marketing Automation vào việc cải thiện tỉ lệ chuyển đổi
Google Analytics – Đọc số để hiểu số và user insight
Redefine Loyalty Program solution to increase revenue each transaction
Tìm hiểu A/B testing & tối ưu quảng cáo Facebook thời gian thực
What is real performance marketing
How to Optimize Conversions with Google Analytics
Cách đạt những traction đầu tiên cho marketplace business bằng growth hacking
How to Think Like a Journalist and Create Better Brand Stories
How to Build a Brand with Kindness
How to Get Started with Artificial Intelligence in Inbound Marketing
Programmatic Advertising: Đây sẽ là tương lai ngành quảng cáo
Đọc chỉ số và phân tích Insight, cách target, tối ưu Facebook Ads
Các quy luật mới cho Content Marketing
Digital Content Marketing: Báo Cáo 2018 & Xu Hướng cho 2019
6 chiến dịch mà các apps Media và Entertainment cần thử
Tìm hiểu về A/B testing & A/B testing tool
Đánh giá chiến dịch marketing cho KOLs và Viral TVC trên Facebook + Youtube
Brand marketing and performance marketing
Công việc thực sự của một Digital Marketer và đánh giá hiệu quả của chiến dịch Marketing
All about Email Marketing
Re-targeting, re-marketing and retaining
Đánh giá hiệu quả của chiến dịch Marketing
Thực trạng truyền thông số ở Việt Nam
Digital Marketing – Ước gì tôi biết những điều này từ sớm
All about Automation Marketing
How smart email marketing works?
Công việc thực sự của một Digital Marketer là gì?
Marketing Research Tools for Digital Marketers
Brand marketing and performance marketing
Re-targeting, re-marketing and retaining
Đánh giá hiệu quả của chiến dịch Marketing
How I build a 10000 likes fanpage in 1 month with zero cost
The Best Revenue Driving Email Programs
Sử dụng Machine Learning để tối đa hóa doanh thu từ Digital Marketing như thế nào?
Delivering The Ultimate Omnichannel Retail Experience
Social Listening: Understand what people talk on Social Network
Ứng dụng Marketing Automation vào việc cải thiện tỉ lệ chuyển đổi
Traffic Generation – How to start
Data Challenges in Logistics