Đăng ký vé tham dự Vietnam Web Summit 2020 ngay hôm nay để không bỏ lỡ 200 chủ đề hấp dẫn từ các chuyên gia hàng đầu!

1. The secret behind Fast Growth in Digital Marketing

  • Next Level Personalization: The Immersive, Hyper-Tailored Shopping Experiences Customers Crave
  • Re-imagining eCommerce discovery in the “next normal”
  • Building a trusted brand in the age of distrust
  • Leveraging digital technology that empowers consumers
  • Digital Health and Beyond: What computing can do to transform health
  • Growth Strategies For Different Business Models: Saas, B2C, Ecommerce And Marketplace
  • Understanding behaviors by using first party data
  • What impact has the new Covid restrictions had on online retail
  • Open source vs SaaS – which choice between flexibility and simplicity in eCommerce
  • The next normal: (R)evolution of eCommerce Discovery
  • Website and SEO for 2021 and Beyond
  • Hacking from Startups to Intrapreneurship
  • MQLs Vs. SQLs: why Buyer’s Journey Is Complex
  • The Hidden Psychology of Social Networks
  • How to Use LinkedIn to Create a Powerful Brand
  • The Art & Design of Effective Mobile Video
  • Algorithms >< The Human Brain: which metric for growth makes more-than-human products 

2. Transformation to Digital-First Organization

  • Design Thinking: Build Common Language through Design Growth
  • DesignOps: How to Transform an Organization Behind Its Back
  • The challenge of SLAs and SLOs?
  • Product discovery: Unlock the key to driving success with on-site search
  • IT Services during and post COVID-19
  • Master Inner Growth: Repeatable Frameworks To Drive B2C & B2B Product Retention
  • Understanding And Amplifying Your Core Product Value
  • How to Aligned Product Growth To 2,5x Pipeline Opportunities
  • Product Onboarding As The New Landing Page
  • How artificial intelligence will help us triumph in the new normal
  • Expanding Your Reach in a Streaming-First World
  • Digital touches everything
  • Digital Disruptions You Might Not See Coming

3. Unlock Your Technology Gems: AI, Big Data, Cloud-based & Intelligence-driven, Cybersecurity,...

  • Building the Metaverse through User Generated Content and the Cloud
  • Heads in the Cloud: Cloud Deployment Best Practices for in Memory Computing
  • The Life of the Architected Human in a More-Than-Human World
  • SAS & Azure: new rules for the road
  • Taking Models to the Next Level with Azure Machine Learning
  • Azure Synapse SQL Pools : Everything you need to know / Tips and Tricks
  • Conquer the Bot World
  • Containers and Serverless Security- Past, Present and Future
  • Cloud Native GraphQL: Making GraphQL Work Without a Monolith
  • Struggling with AppSec and how to deal with it
  • AI to BI – One Stop Solutions in Azure Synapse
  • Essentials of XR (VR AR) Product Design and Development

4. Number speaks: The Power of Data in new Age

  • Second Party Data: What It Is, How It Works, And Why You Need It
  • Leveraging Data Touch Points To Create The Ultimate End To End Consumer Experience
  • App User Centricity: Increasing Retention From 10% To 66% Using Data-Driven Product Development
  • Humanity: Beyond Data in Developer Communities
  • How Databricks Delta overcomes your Data Lake challenges
  • Which tool will understand your “numbers”: DAX or Excel?
  • Keep track of your data pipelines in Azure Data Factory with CI/CD
  • Data Lake, Data Warehouse, Data Mart, Databricks, DeltaLake and You
  • Why A/B Testing Fails: how decision by Data-Driven can go wrong?
  • Azure Functions and durable Entities for data processing
  • Infrastructure-as-Code for your Data Solution in Azure: Terraform & ARM
  • This trend you can’t afford to miss – Graph Databases
  • Play nicely and securely for Data Science and ML with Docker and Python

5. Web development: don’t fall behind the curve!

  • Why Real-Time Really Matters
  • The Power of Open Blockchain
  • Building Highly Scalable Web and Mobile Applications
  • Delivering Branch SD-WAN Internet Connections to the Cloud Efficiently and Securely
  • Generating the Best Game Experience through AI
  • Need For Speed: Creating A Strategy For The Fastest Loading Mobile Site
  • DevOps Is Pervasive, but Security Still Lags
  • How to optimize multiple screen in different devices
  • Operating An Era Where Your Website Feels Like a Physical Store
  • CI build in the container for .NET Core
  • Nice and free: lightweight UI components for your website
  • A guide through the jungle of web API possibilities
  • Animations – Suddenly my website is really sexy!
  • Single Page Applications in the Browser with C # & WebAssembly
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Keeping your Service Reliable with SLIs and SLOs
  • API and Microservice Performance – What the Logs Don’t Tell You
  • End-to-End test Architectures, a dead End road
  • Beats, Rhymes and Unit Tests
  • Automate or Die – DevSecOps in the Age of Software Supply Chain Attacks
  • Can dev, sec and ops really co-exist in the wild?

6. Operations in a ‘Serverless’ World

  • Is Serverless the Future of Relational Databases?
  • Why Serverless + DevOps Is a Perfect Fit
  • Autonomous Multi-Cloud Serverless Deployment and Optimized Management
  • Managing Serverless Costs With Kubernetes
  • The Art of Serverless Observability
  • Attacker’s View of Serverless and GraphQL Apps
  • How to bring chaos engineering to serverless
  • Five rules for super-responsive serverless apps
  • The art of Azure Functions (unit) testing and monitoring
  • Observability for Serverless Workloads
  • Zero Trust Networking in Azure – secure applications in the public cloud
  • How To Build a Cloud-Connected AR App in 15 Minutes or Less
  • Is Serverless the Future of Relational Databases?
  • Why Serverless + DevOps Is a Perfect Fit
  • Battling the rising tide of global payments fraud

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