Thanh toán trong kỷ nguyên blockchain, doanh nghiệp có thể cắt giảm 98% chi phí
Value Innovation for Customer through Blue Ocean Shift (BOS)
Đo lường trong quảng cáo ngoài trời
Enabling Digital Transformation in Life Sciences
Designing IAP Subscription Pricing To Increase Conversion
Social Listening và viễn cảnh của Digital Transformation trong năm 2020
Omnichannel Marketing Across Touchpoints
Developing an Action-oriented Mindset and Positive Culture to Drive Transformation
FaceOn or FaceOff? Cách hiểu rõ khách hàng thời công nghệ số?
Customer Journey and Business Transformation Value Stream
Completing the Connection: Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies for Startup
The Impact of Leadership Choices During Times of Transformation
How Manufacturing Thrive in the Digital Age


Understanding the maze of digital transformation
How to Build a Digital, Smart, Connected, Flexible and Customized Factory
How Revolutionizes Production Chain of Manufacturing
AI and Machine Learning become force multipliers for data analytics
Smart Cities become our new reality
XaaS, UX/CX: How these trends will take to center stage in 2020
Conversational AI becomes a legitimate interface
5G technology evolution that will define 2020.
AI and Machine Learning become force multipliers for data analytics
User and Customer Experience (UX&CX) across a breadth of industries
XaaS (Everything-as-a-Service) will gain even more momentum in 2020
How networks landscape will be transformed by 5G?
Trends in Digital Innovation
Blockchain for the greater good – The next digital revolution for mankind
Driving Digital Transformation through AI & Deep Learning


Hybrid: con người và công cụ kết hợp với nhau để nâng cao hiệu suất marketing & sale cho SMB
Personalization – Real applications in Digital Marketing campaign
Các yếu tố khiến bạn mất khách khi xây dựng landing page
Ứng dụng Marketing Automation vào việc cải thiện tỉ lệ chuyển đổi
Search Engine Marketing Keyword Bidding at scale
Giải pháp Marketing & Sales Automation toàn diện
FaceBook Marketing – Những điều làm bạn mất tiền khi marketing trên Facebook
Effective KPIs for Marketing & Growth
Cẩm nang sống sót cho marketer khi gia nhập Agency


Grading the True Performance of Your Advertising
Learning from Gen Z: Shifting Video Production Strategies
The Power Of AI Chat: Open An Amazing Marketing Channel
Building Fandom With Gen Z Audience
The Road to Marketing Automation
Smarter Content Personalization Strategies: The Missing Link In Customer Marketing
Email and the KPIs: Re-evaluating the evaluation
A Mix of Reality and Virtual on the Web
Brand & Influencer Engagement Strategies


Reaching the right audience with AI-powered digital advertising
Open Source Computer Vision, Deep learning như PyTorch, Detectron and Dense Pose tại Facebook AI.
AI for financial services: what to expect now?
Building an online dating recommender system: lessons learned in practicality
Using a data science framework to drive machine learning and a remarkable guest experience
Next generation user experience using ML/AI
Patient-Centered Strategies for Pharma & Healthcare Organizations: Better Outcomes. Better Performance.
Ready or not: does your organisation have a sound data strategy to run successful AI projects?
Keynote: The AI Goldrush: How do you make money off AI & ML?
The Future Impact of AI on Cyber Crime
How AI Transformed the Employee Experience at Liberty Mutual -Case Study
Panel: IoT and AI Data analytics for intelligent decision making
Industry-ready data & machine learning pipelines
From 0 to 100 Million Messages a Day: Steps to Build, Optimize, and Scale Enterprise Grade Intelligent Agents
Optimising entity due diligence with robotics process automation
Fuelling the Artificial Intelligence Revolution with Gaming


Bringing a Paradigm Shift in Customer Lifecycle Management with ML
Zero-Day – The Role Of ML In Preventing Fraud From Unknown Tactics
Revolutionies your Creatives Strategy with Machine Learning
True Machine Learning is the strongest weapon to fight App Install Ad Fraud – A client case study
App Store Optimization (ASO) and Mobile Traffic Monetization
10 Lessons Learned From AI Initiatives in the Financial Services Sector
SVM vs Neural Network vs Deep Learning và các cách ứng dụng
Big Data for ECommerce startup: A Golden Key or a Hype
Composing Bach Chorales Using Deep Learning
Tips You Need to Know to Start Your Own ML Project
Real World Use- Case in Using AL and ML in Software Testing
How to start a career in Data Analytics, and Which way to go?
Promoting ML Across Your Engineering Organization: A Case Study
Your AI Strategy Needs a People Strategy
Implementing an Effective Business-wide Data Strategy
Scale your Data Science Practice with Automation
Human Side of Data – The Application of Design for Data Products
Bigger Data Better than Smart Algorithms


Building next generation websites using serverless and micro-frontend architecture
Serverless 2.0, the road to application modernization
Build a Microservices with AWS Serverless
Serverless 2.0: Get started with the PLONK Stack
Microservices & Serverless Computing Enable the Next Gen of Machine Intelligence
Democratize Serverless Platform with Knative
How Does Docker Fit In A Serverless World?
How to meaningful infrastructure? What’s behind “Serverless”
Serverless Data Warehousing & Data Analysis
Priorities for Ops in a ‘Serverless’ World


Phát hiện bất thường trong thời gian thực với KSQL
High Performance Microservice & Cloud Native on JVM
Cloud Cost Optimization At Scale: How we use Kubernetes and AWS spot instances to reduce EC2 billing up to 80%
Scale with Microservice on Cloud environment
Cloud Native is about Culture, not Containers
Does agile make us less secure?
Modern Programming Language Focused on Cloud Native Applications
Taking Advantage of a Serverless Architecture by Deploying Containers in the Cloud
Cloud Native Programing with Docker, Kubernetes and Ballerina
Deploying & Managing MongoDB on Public Clouds
Trust Roadmap of Challenges and Maturity model development
Enhancing your Cyber Skills through a Cyber Range
The Changing Paradigm of Security and Privacy
Breakdown, Takedown, You’re Busted: Maximizing Impact on Cyber Crime


DOD Securing its Digital Future
Moving towards secure IoT with Cyber-Security by NIST
Why the Human Element Remains Essential in Applied AI
Making people and process the main focus of Industrial Cybersecurity Risk Strategy
The evolution of cloud for enterprise cybersecurity
Cloud Enabled Remote Management Solution for IoT Edge
Data analytics for intelligent decision making
Barriers to security adoption – what are the biggest challenges?
Cyber security & the supply chain: a virtual case study
Deep Dive: Protecting API-Based Applications From Automated Bot Attacks
Smart & Secure Cities: Balancing Innovation & Security
Protips for Monitoring and Managing your Blockchain


Implementing Design System with React Hooks & Styled Components.
Current state of Progressive Web App / Những tiến bộ mới nhất của PWA.
The Joys of Websites – Website Performance Monitoring and Enhancements
How Do You Secure Microservices?
Con đường cho Web shopping trước làn sóng “App hóa”
ReactJS/React Native : Sử dụng Hook và Ant Design trong phát triển Product
The Best and the Worst API ever made
Kubernetes Development Tooling to Expand Your Container Architecture
Going CI/CD, Swarm and Kubernetes Production Like a Pro
Your Mindset on Software Development
Using graph theory and network science to explore your microservices architecture
From “Doing Agile” to “Being Agile”
Maps and Location in Client Facing Angular Web Applications
Being Full Stack Development with Visual Development



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